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Four things one should look at while designing their space

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

An interior designer is someone who plans, researches & enhances these basic things while executing a project. The designer also ensures that these elements are assembled together in such a way that the end product is aesthetically and functionally appealing.

Having a basic understanding of these will help anyone actively be a part of the process and the end product. The four unmentioned things that need to be considered are as follows:

Space planning

The first and most important step to designing a space is planning the physical boundaries and limitations. Understanding the three dimensions and accordingly placing the desired elements in it to set the base of how the end product will look like.

The space that needs to be designed is always limited but our requirements never end. Hence we need to ensure that we plan the space to fit the maximum of our requirements while following basic guidelines.


Lighting is that element in any space that makes the other elements stand out. It not only adds to the functionality of the space but also adds an aesthetic appeal.

While working on the lighting aspect of a space, the quantity, color and temperature must be taken into consideration.

The lighting in a space is dependent on the kind of work that is going to happen there. For example - Task lighting is used for the basic purpose of a space, accent lighting is used to highlight objects and ambient lighting is used to create an alternate mood.


All colors change their character when lightness and saturation are modified so it’s just not enough to pick a color for a certain interior design element because you also need to pick a shade. Colour, in interior design, is a powerful communication tool, influencing the user subconsciously. It is a fundamental building block of creating any space and can have an impact on how you think, feel and act.

The colour scheme of a space is derived from various factors including the theme, the overall look and feel the design aims to create, and a reflection of the users occupying the space. The desired colors can be incorporated into the ceilings, floorings, wall finishes, furniture materials as well as art work.


Using the right material in each space is key in designing a space. Not all materials fit well in any room; although today there are technical solutions for almost everything. Several materials can be used in a room like natural stone, wood, ceramics, etc. However, the only thing that has to be common to all the materials you choose is the "Quality".

Quality is one of the two fundamental premises for all our activities along with uniqueness. That is why we always try to optimize the budget making sure that the quality of materials and execution are not affected. The final result is a guarantee of aesthetic and functional durability.

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