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Five under utilised storage spaces in your house

The never ending space constraint in India has definitely taught us how to make maximum use of the available area. If you are facing the same challenge, here are some ideas that might be of some help to you.

Storage underneath your flooring

You can create a lot of extra storage space if you tap into the unused space under your floor. In-floor storage systems can give you a great place to store tall or long items that wouldn’t otherwise be able to fit in a normal cabinet like brooms, ironing boards, ladders and other long items. This storage is perfect for these out of the way items that you don’t need all the time.

Storage within your ceiling

Large parts of the ceiling usually go unused. Since they tend to be low in tiny homes, it is possible to create pull-down ceiling storages. These compartments can hold shoes, notebooks, and other lightweight non-breakable items. A string or H handle can hang from the storage door to make the access easier or else a ladder can be used in case rare use items are stored on top.

Bed and sofa seat storage

Using a lift bed or a bed frame with built-in storage will instantly give your tiny house more storage space. A lift bed is an ideal place to store comforters, suitcases, or extra blankets during the warm months. Bench seats/sofas can have minimal yet elegant storage space for books, magazines and other frequently used living room items.

Hanging kitchen utensils

Placing a rod between cabinets above the sink or underneath cabinets is one of the best tiny home storage ideas to include in your space. Save on cabinet space and keep the cookware within easy, instant reach. Add some hanging containers and you can even rack up flatware, spices, or fresh herbs.

Pull out storages

The best tiny home storage is the kind that’s hidden and can be pulled out when needed! You can install a pullout spice rack between cabinets for easy cooking access, or tuck a narrow rack on wheels next to the fridge and use it as a pantry for dry goods like pasta and boxes of cereal, or have a pull out shoe rack in your bedroom or even a pull out washroom accessories cabinet.

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