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A new age headquarter to compliment this new age fin-tech company’s vision!

Company: Eduvanz

Location: Andheri east Area: 6000 sq ft

Eduvanz is a new age Digital Finance Company that provides Education Loans starting from Zero Interest for Students and Skill Seekers. Eduvanz was founded to offer convenient and flexible financial assistance to Students and Leaders who want Quick Results, Attractive Benefits and Transparent Conversations.

Moving into their next phase of growth, Eduvanz needed a workspace that not only fits their ever growing team but also provides an elevated experience to the team building it up.

Discovering the Organisation’s identity

Very often organisations in the growth stage have values in place but do not end up exhibiting the same in the physical space around them. The team needs to truly live and breathe the values of the organisation.

Having an open and collaborative employee culture is not just written on the walls and in books but the office plan represents the same. The open plan of Eduvanz’ headquarters brings in transparency while elevating team spirit.

Elevating employee experience

Eduvanz wanted to create a workspace that could enrich its employees' work experience. They wanted to provide a sense of comfort, engagement, and relaxation within the intense work environment.

The workspace at Eduvanz lets the team members slow down, relax, recharge and engage in lighthearted activities with each other.

Spaces like the spacious cafeteria, vibrant and exciting breakout zones for spontaneous and relaxed conversations, and the cozy recreation room are perfect corners for the team to re-energize for a sprinted grind.

Multiple work environments to choose from

Eduvanz realised that there is an emerging opportunity to tackle workspace monotony and we effectively planned their office space design. We ensured that we would deliver a space that would support user control and changing posture and also incorporated natural elements like abundance of daylight and greens.

Standing while working for at least 30 minutes a day can have a remarkable impact and can decrease stress levels. Hence our team incorporated standing desks. Don’t forget the reading corner and multiple collaborative rooms that provide alternate work environments in the same physical space.

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