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A distant workspace yet an extension of the old one!

Company: Cityflo

Location: Vasai

Area: 300 sq ft

Cityflo is a daily commute company currently helping professionals in Mumbai and Thane travel to work. With spectacular buses, a simple app and smart route design, their service offers a comfortable and relaxing experience that lets their clients make the most of their commute time.

Acquiring a new project and stepping their feet into a whole new district, Cityflo needed a workspace that resembles their brand, elevates the experience of their employees and makes this satellite office look like an extension of their headquarter.

Brand coherence

Having a workspace kilometers away from the headquarters in a lesser developed district comes with its own challenges.

A monochrome theme, similar elements and the same focus on employee well-being converted these four walls into a space easily recognisable as a Cityflo workspace.

Reutilisation of existing assets

In the current economy not reusing and refurbishing idle lying assets is one of the biggest mistakes an organization can make.

From workstation tables, chairs and bar stools to the pendant lights and the pantry counter, we modified, corrected and reused as much as we could from the idle lying inventory that Cityflo possessed; while still making the space look elevated with elements in sync.

Employee experience

Being on foot the entire day and ensuring every single commuter of the hundred plus buses has a seamless experience is a challenging task.

A reading corner with books for an escape and a pantry to provide mid-day comfort meals, this satellite workspace ensures that the employees experience comfort, remain productive and the motivation level is at an all time high.

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